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A lot of things can go wrong in aesthetic injection. While the idea of injecting gel fillers on the face and/or body to enhance their form or shape may seem simple, it actually requires an abundance of skill and expertise, as what may seem as a minor error on execution can lead to long-term irreversible effects, if not simply a bad nose job or a failed facelift.

It is to ensure patient safety and avoid such negative scenarios that Dr. Lucero has devoted his long years of experience to mastering his craft and personally treating each of his patients. A seasoned plastic surgeon with over 34 years of solid foundation on facial anatomy, he incorporates his surgical techniques in aesthetic injections, and believes that aesthetic injectables complement plastic surgical procedures. He is a practitioner whom patients can fully trust when they are on the treatment chair, and the only things that separate them from either beauty on the one hand, or nightmare on the other, is a fine needle and the skill of the injector about to treat them.

A true master of the field, Dr. Lucero has been administering aesthetic injections for 15 years, and continues to contribute to the advancement of his craft not only by personally attending to the treatment of his patients, but also by engaging as a seasoned speaker and lecturer in international conferences on aesthetic injectables like Botox, PRP and Derma Fillers.

Dr. Lucero is an advocate of doing facial enhancement the natural way. Thus, he believes that each patient has his or her unique beauty that needs only to be enhanced and not to be overhauled into a totally different face.


I. Thermitight
Thermitight is the newest, most cutting-edge technology in micro-invasive face and body treatments designed to burn fat and tighten skin while at the same time promoting collagen production, and is perfect for patients who do not want to undergo surgery. This is the first aesthetic procedure that delivers controlled radio frequency energy under the skin in via a small, thermal camera guided probe to sculpt and tighten from within.

Treatment Areas:

1. Face

a. THERMILIFT - fatty deposits are targeted and liquefied while at the same time, radio frequency delivered causes tightening and lifting, thereby creating a three-dimensional improvement in the appearance of skin laxity and reversing the effects of aging. Great for patients who want to get rid of jowls and deep laugh lines.

b. THERMISMOOTH- maintenance treatment that targets fine lines around the eye and lip area, making skin visibly smoother and more supple. This treatment requires 3 sessions, done 2 weeks apart for maximum effect

2. Body

a. THERMIBODY /LIPOSCULPTURE – done as fine tuning for patients who have previously had liposuction, this treatment targets hard to reach areas of the body and tightens loose skin in the abdomen, thighs, and back.

b. THERMI ARMS- to tighten sagging arms

3. Others

a. THERMI VA- tightens female genitalia, improving its appearance and restoring it to its youthful state

II. Ultherapy
Ultherapy is an FDA-approved non-surgical and non-invasive procedure using ultrasound technology to tighten skin, thereby addressing problems of loose skin due to old age, or allowing patients with round faces to achieve more oval/heart-shaped ones.

Treatment Areas:
1. Jowls and neck
2. Facial contouring of lower face (for round face)
3. Facial contouring of upper face
4. Eyelids lift and fine lines in the eye area
5. Eyebrow lift
6. Full facial tightening and lift
7. Maintenance tightening and lifting (every 6 months to 1 year)
8. Peri + infra orbital area
9. Submental area
10. Décolletage or wrinkled cleavage

III. Botox Injections

Botulinum Injections (Botox) are primarily utilized to correct frown lines, crow's feet and marionette lines, which naturally develop as a result of aging, or to contour the face into achieving a heart shape. Likewise, it helps reduce armpit and palm perspiration, as well as aids in migraine relief.

Treatment Areas:
1. Forehead lines
2. Eyebrows
3. Crow's feet
4. Jowls
5. Neck
6. Facial rejuvenation
7. Armpit perspiration
8. Palm perspiration
9. Therapeutic application
a. Migraine relief
b. Facial spasm

IV. Derma Fillers
Derma fillers are gel fillers that restore facial volume when injected into the skin, giving it a more youthful look.
Derma fillers by Juvederm offer three variants, from which patients can choose depending on the treatment’s purpose: Voluma to enhance facial volume or rejuvenate the face, Ultra Plus to remove wrinkles on the mouth and nose, and Volbella to address lip volume and contour, tear trough and sunken eyes.

Redensity II is suited for treating dark circles and hollows around the eyes through a combination of hyaluronic acid and a derma-restructuring complex made up of amino acids, antioxidant, vitamins, and minerals.

Treatment Areas:
1. Volume restoration
* 8-Point Lift – a minimally-invasive, non-surgical procedure involving multiple filler injections on distinct areas of the face to address facial sagginess caused by old age
2. Deep lines
3. Tear trough
4. Dark eye circles and hollows
5. Non-surgical noselift
6. Non-surgical chin augmentation

This treatment uses injectables to rejuvenate the skin. Available treatment variations are PRP injections.

As a cosmetic procedure, PRP by Regenlab uses the patient's own blood plasma, which, when injected to aged skin, decreases the size of pores, thus improving the skin’s texture and reviving its youthful glow. It also improves skin elasticity and gradually builds facial volume. PRP may also be used as a medical measure to address joint pains from arthritis and sport injuries. It also helps in healing persistent wounds normally associated with diabetes.

Treatment Areas:
1. Facial rejuvenation (skin tone, elasticity, and texture)
2. Sports injuries or arthritis (3 sessions, two weeks apart)
3. Wound healing (3 sessions, 4 weeks apart)
4. Glow restoration (face, neck, neckline, hands, and décolletage)

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