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By Cory Quirino
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 22:05:00 04/12/2011

Today, rejuvenation, health, and even beauty treatments benefit from the use of stem cells
COULD IT be that 25 years from now, most of what we know about beauty and wellness would have changed? Instead of going macro, the wave of the future is actually moving towards micro, back to the beginning of life - the human cell. There are many advances in medicine, and because the new way of looking at wellness is holistic, involving the body, mind and spirit, we need to focus on the essentials: nutritional foods, exercise, vitamin and mineral supplementation, stress management, proper sleep and proper hydration.

More than sleep
Yes, we need so much more than a good night's sleep. But it’s the best way to get started. If there were a youth pill one could swallow to restore our youthful looks, it would be sleep. Unfortunately, sleep cannot be compressed into a capsule; you still need to shut your eyes, and keep them closed for six to eight hours. Countless studies have been made on sleep deprivation and its effect on the brain and the immune system. The result is gradual deterioration, leading to a breakdown.

Coaxing your cells
Is there a cutting-edge approach to beauty that can provide almost instant yet lasting results? The answer is stem cells transplants. This exciting new therapy is renewing the landscape of beauty. A stem cell is an early cell in the immune system which can turn into any kind of organ cell.

This means it can turn into any part of the skin, organs, hair, etc. The human body naturally releases stem cells, for example, when we are stressed. But when one is sick, the body’s ability to release stem cells is compromised. With an infusion of stem cells, the body’s ability to fight illness is enhanced.

There are three types of stem cells:

  • Fetal cells are 27 times more powerful than adult stem cells and nine times more potent than umbilical cells. They have also sparked some moral debates.
  • Umbilical cells. Today’s new parents routinely request for the umbilical stem cells of their new born baby after delivery. This is meant to be banked for the baby’s future use in the event of sickness.
  • But these stem cells have a shelf-life (even under cryo-storage) of seven years, because the child’s body weight will outgrow the quantity of stem cells at birth.
  • Adult cells. The ideal is to bank stem cells as an adult so that when you are older, you can use them. Banking your own stem cells versus using foreign stem cells from donors is safer in that there is no room for rejection by your own body. This is because your own body will recognize this as your own. These cells are simply re-injected into your system, and used by the part of the body that is most in need of repair.

The ultimate cosmetic treatment
The future of stem cells for medical applications is growing. And in the realm of beauty, it is safe and effective. One such application is called platelet-rich plasma or PRP. It is both a skin rejuvenation and natural filler regimen.

Florencio Q. Lucero, renowned plastic surgeon who has patients in Manila (The Medical City) and Dubai (Health Care City), has perfected this art through the NAPPAGE technique. The procedure involves the painless extraction of 10 cc of your own blood, which is placed in two tubes mixed with an anti-coagulant.

These are placed inside a centrifuge, which separates the red cells from the plasma. A little calcium is added to the plasma to activate the platelet to clot in order to release the growth factor. This is then applied to the skin with the use of a light touch needle technique, so skillfully done that within 20 minutes the process is over.

The result? Youthful and glowing skin. The rest of the PRP is also injected into deep lines at the corners of the nose, mouth, and forehead (including acne scars). PRP was created is because of one important scientific truth—cells slow down, and this is especially seen on the face. Through PRP, collagen, the youth-binding ingredient of the skin, is released by stimulating these cells.

Beauty bath soak
In a tub of warm water, mix 1 tbsp each of your favorite oils—olive, sesame, coconut—and 5 tbsp of sea salt. Soak and relax. This will soften your skin. Note: Always drink two glasses of water before a seven-minute bath soak, as it can dry your skin.

Affirm now: Today is as glorious as it should be.

Love and light!

Reference: "Breakthroughs" by Suzanne Sommers

SOURCE: Inquirer.Net

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