VASER Liposelection

A minimally-invasive procedure, VASER Liposelection is an ultrasound machine-assisted liposuction technique that achieves the purpose of body contouring by selectively eliminating stubborn fats while leaving surrounding healthy tissues untouched and intact. It is a form of silhouette-soft touch body sculpting, which is the gentler and less painful alternative to traditional and other more invasive types of liposuction techniques.

The delivery of ultrasound energy by the machine enables unwanted fat deposits to first be broken down to smaller and softer pieces before they are suctioned off from underneath the skin through the machine’s tube component. This makes the procedure safer and less painful, as well as reduces post-treatment side effects and recovery period.

The selective and less-invasive nature of VASER Liposelection allows for the removal of huge amounts of fat in different parts of the body, including delicate areas like the neck, in just a single session. However, if the goal is to treat both the upper and lower parts of the body for better silhouette and proportions, it is recommended for treatment to be performed on the upper body first, consisting of the abdomen, back and arms, before moving on the to the lower body, consisting of the hips, saddlebags, and thighs, after at least six weeks.

Fat deposits removed from the body using this procedure can be reintroduced via fat transfer procedures to other body parts where they may be needed for whatever aesthetic purpose, such as in nose enhancement via fat grafts. In this regard, the procedure provides an added advantage because its fat yields are usually of high quality, and thus viable for such fat transfer procedures.

To guarantee that the treatment will be completed safely and produce the desired results, it is important to make sure that patients receive it from a reputable plastic surgeon with years of experience in his or her field, as well as proper training in operating the VASER Liposelection machine. Such an expert physician is best suited to perform the treatment, taking into consideration that the amounts of fat taken from patients in each session are limited to healthy levels.

What patients needs to know about VASER Liposelection

Procedure The tumescent technique is utilized to inject saline solution with local anesthetic into the targeted area to numb the same and make fat removal easier. A small incision through which a probe is inserted is then made, and through it, the probe deposits ultrasound waves to the targeted fats to soften and loosen them up while keeping surrounding healthy tissues undisturbed. The fat cells are then suctioned off by a tube.
Length Less than an hour per area
Anesthesia Local with intravenous sedation or general
In/Outpatient Usually Outpatient
Side Effects - Temporary soreness, swelling, and bruising
- High-pitched sounds heard during treatment due to vibrations of the ultrasound waves
Risks - Not for pregnant women/women who have just given birth 3 months prior to the planned treatment
- For abdominal treatments, not for individuals suffering from abdominal disorders
- Not for individuals allergic to anesthesia, lidocaine, and/or epinephrine
- Not for individuals prone to keloid formation or poorly healing wounds
- Not for diabetics, or any individuals suffering from internal organ disorders, or heart failure
Recovery Patients are advised to wear special support garments for about 2 weeks after the procedure, to allow the skin to contract smoothly to the new contours of the treated area/s. At least 12 hours of rest is also recommended post-treatment, but patients may typically return to work after a day or two. Strenuous physical activities should be avoided for 2 to 3 weeks.
Duration of Results Initial results are immediately noticeable and will continue to improve as the body completes healing in about three to four months. These results can last for good, if the patient maintains a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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