Fast Check – The Best in Latin American Decor

It was in El pasado 3 de mar, 2021 that we encountered the most amazing and exciting event: the “Fiesta de la Revolucion.” During this event, a street lined with stalls selling different trinkets, souvenirs, clothing, and accessories of different brands, was decorated with posters of celebrities from TV shows and the movie industry. Among these famous faces were Maradona, Diego Maradona, Pele, Ronaldo, and many others. Due to the presence of a lot of celebrities, people were excited and many people started to ask the question, “Lo que esuvio?” (“Where did he come from?”)

As we were walking through the streets, we passed by a young boy, who was asking his friends, “Lo que esuvio, estas? Eso?” After a few minutes, his friend answered, “No, tu as!” (meaning, “You are as), and his friends replied, “Por el escrubir son passed.” Which means, “Escrow service?”

In the end, the young boy presented us with a plastic watch that his father had bought for him. As we were leaving, he asked us, “What’s the price?” We told him it was free. Then, he said to us, “I will be telling my friends that you gave me such a great present, and I will tell them that you have the best decorating company in town.”