Good Education Helps to Create a Better Society

Education is the structured process of fostering learning, the acquired acquisition of academic knowledge, social skills, social values, moral beliefs, attitudes, and values. Educational practices are used to nurture young people through various stages of their lives; childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. Educational methods involve training, teaching, collaborative study and facilitated discussion. The key components of education to include assessment, individual and group study, application of teaching principles, evaluation of learning processes and teaching methods, and feedback mechanisms.

Education does not only mean imparting knowledge to students, but it also includes the development of social and interpersonal skills in individuals. It is also important to create a feeling of well being, confidence and motivation in students through various informal learning processes. These learning processes include family-related programs, community-based programs, sport-based programs, health and wellness programs, home-based programs, and early childhood programs.

Through education, we can become more competent in our fields of vision and further our career and personal goals. A good education helps us to achieve our personal and professional goals and enables us to make better choices for the betterment of society. We should not only have a good education but also learn by seeing, doing and learning from other people.