The Benefits of Fast Check in

A Fast Check in is a type of promotion communication which is frequently utilized by many retail sales teams as part of an overall strategy to quickly and efficiently gather detailed information about their customer. In short, it is a way to collect critical and often vital information regarding each customer during their checkout time. The main advantage of a Fast Check in process is that it provides a means for generating sales leads in a highly personalized manner. This is achieved by analyzing each customer’s unique preferences, spending habits and other factors which are related directly to the customer. With this information at your fingertips you can quickly and easily determine the best opportunities to target specific groups of customers with specific offers, as well as create winning sales campaigns based on the unique needs of your customer base.

The Fast Check in process begins by displaying the customer their check as they approach the checkout line. As they reach toward the bottom of the check line, a notification will appear which automatically transfers them to the next available screen. Upon arrival at the checkout process they are asked to again swipe their credit card, or they may be prompted to enter their name and address. Once all information is collected, a comprehensive report about the customer is provided. This report will include such information as their individual sales history, shopping patterns, spending habits, demographic details and other important information that directly pertain to the customer.

During the entire Fast Check in process, a friendly staff member will often ask the customer if they have any pressing issues that might affect their purchase. A thorough search of the database will reveal any items which may pose a problem during checkout. In addition to helping to ensure that every customer is treated with dignity and respect, a Fast Check in process helps to foster an environment of overall satisfaction, which is very important for success.