The Nature Of Criminal Investigations

There is no crime without a suspect or victims; the acts of crimes are only recognizable when there is victimization or identifiable evidence leading to the identification of the culprit. The act of investigation; the procedure of investigating; investigation; patient or detailed investigation; investigation, especially thorough or medical investigation or examination; the inquiries of both the analyst and the psychologist; the investigations of both the forensic scientist and the police officer. The process of investigation is the preliminary or preparatory stage of any serious court proceeding. It is a body of professionals who investigate matters that concern criminal activity or an occurrence of abuses. Many people believe that investigators are magicians able to turn the apparently impossible into reality.

There are different types of investigations, such as: criminal investigation, civil litigation, missing children investigation, corporate fraud investigation, financial investigation, intellectual property investigation, public official investigation, intellectual property theft investigation, technology enforcement and homeland security investigation. Each type of investigation is distinct and each has its own set of principles and characteristics. They investigate matters involving the government; they specialize in particular subjects like business crime, intellectual property crime, white collar crime and sex crimes against children. These investigations also cover other areas such as: tax crimes, insurance frauds, procurement crimes, false advertising, insurance coverages and frauds in healthcare, worker’s compensation, frauds in government jobs and more.

In order to become a criminal investigator, you must be a graduate degree holder in a law enforcement or legal academy with a four year undergraduate program and at least two years of legal instruction from an accredited university or college. Most colleges and universities offer investigative techniques training in conjunction with criminal justice courses. You can find many online educational institutions that offer courses in criminal investigations for those interested in becoming full-fledged investigators. It is important that the educational background and training included in your course work is comprehensive enough to prepare you for your career. Many online schools and colleges also require that you take part in on-the-job trainings and demonstrations in order to demonstrate your skills and prove your knowledge of relevant techniques and laws.